About Acebuddy

Acebuddy is a collection of 3,000 hand-drawn randomly generated Buddies stored on the Solana Blockchain. With their art-style and
desirable traits, each buddy's goal is to be the most perfect identity for their holder. In terms of utility, the main advantages for
holding an acebuddy involve exclusive limited edition virtual merch drops that can be redeemed for their physical counterparts or
traded on our secondary market. Our main aim is to create NFT-focused collaborative merch, which will ultimately lead to endless
opportunities for holders. The best part is that by doing this, we can bring more people to Web 3.0 through something everyone
loves - fashion!

About the Team

Acebuddy is a term that literally translates to best friend. Therefore, it is fitting
that this collection has been created by a team of family and friends whose sole
aim is to build a great community. Having the belief that there are valuable
brand IPs being currently built on Web 3.0, we decided to combine our unique
talents and experiences IRL to incorporate all of these IPs and make
collaborative streetwear.

Minting Details Soon

Minting Soon