Acebuddy is a fashion/lifestyle brand focused on creating Metaverse-compatible Virtual Merch and sneakers that are redeemable for the physical edition. With the upcoming “Wardrobe” you’ll be able to drip out your Acebuddy with our regular limited edition drops. The main feature of our Roadmap 1.0 is a Web3 Metaverse Clothing Marketplace.

Our aim is to create the entire Acebuddy ecosystem with $ACE tokenomics and staking rewards. Our community has a huge part to play in voting for collabs with external artists, projects, IRL brands and also their own Acebuddies, which will lead to generation of royalties.

Following mint, we highly recommend you to stake your acebuddy in order to accumulate staking rewards. Using these, you’ll be able to participate in soon-to-come Virtual Merch airdrops.

You’ll be able to use these virtual clothing NFTs to drip out your acebuddy via “The Wardrobe” feature. You’ll be able to save this newly dripped out acebuddy as a version 2 PFP and interchange between both versions at will.

Due to the limited edition nature of these Virtual Merch NFTs, you’re bound to see value appreciation. You’ll be able to trade these on our upcoming Web3 marketplace that will solely focus entirely on clothing and merchandise.

As you can see, we aim to build a complete acebuddy world and truth be told, the opportunities are endless for a holder.

Our main aim is to bring you NFT-focused Collaborative limited edition virtual merch collections that you can either redeem for physical versions or trade on the secondary market.

We’ve collaborated with popular NFT holders to create cool and funky designs to bring you amazing merch of NFTs that you love. We’re also working with DAOs and popular NFT collections to bring you seriously cool merch.