A Quick Insight into Acebuddy

Following closely the rise of crypto and NFTs, I’ve always been curious as to what defines the success of this space and specific projects. If you’re involved within the space in any way, the answer will be very clear to see.

It’s the community. It’s that special feeling that you get when you join a project and join their discord and you feel like you’re a part of the family. This is exactly what led to the success of OGs such as BAYC, where they’re all considered as one. They’re all bored apes.

On one evening whilst having a cup of coffee with some of my best friends IRL, I was searching for this exact answer. I was thinking throughout and then it all clicked. This is where the idea for acebuddy came to my mind. Ace Buddy is a literal translation for best friend, and the idea is that we’re all best friends within a specific community. If we follow this this idea completely, this is when the community flourishes. This is when then the family flourishes. This is what our aim is with acebuddy. To create an amazing community where you can rely on one another. After all, that’s what makes crypto and NFTs so special!

Following the initial concept, we looked at the art style that we personally loved. Currently, Apes are very popular within the Solana space but we just wanted to go for something that stood out in terms of style and something that hadn’t been done before. The inspiration for this style came from Miles Morales from Spiderman. We just loved the drip this guy wears and we were sure that most people would think the same!

While our artist worked on the base model, the key step was then to get all the trait research done. We did lots of research on getting as many desirable traits as possible. The key was to make this the ultimate PFP. Something that I myself would use as a PFP. Something that I would be able to identify myself in this space. People say the time of PFP projects is over but I still think it hasn’t been perfected yet.

The utility aspect of the project was surprisingly the most easiest for us to decide on. So far, we’ve had BAYC turn into one of the most popular brands in the world and then we have RTFKT Studios, a metaverse clothing brand that just got bought over by Nike for an insane amount of money. A lot of people don’t realise the promising future that clothing and merch will have in this space over the next 5 years. In 2022 alone, there’s going to be many other brands coming into the space.

Obviously, our roadmap will have staking and “The Wardrobe” feature. You’ll be able to mint extra virtual merch and then drip out your acebuddy in the Wardrobe. The rarity of your acebuddy will change based on this drip. Can you imagine an NFT PFP where you can change some of their characteristics and drip ultimately leading to value appreciation of that NFT and their drip. In a market where WL token’s value can go absolutely crazy, insane drip is almost a sure thing. This is why our most important task is to establish a Web3 marketplace solely focused on virtual merch. The best part is if a person wanted to wear their virtual hoody IRL, they’ll be able to redeem it for a physical version. As cool as that would be, I personally see people holding on to their virtual merch NFTs and watch the value go up. The sky is the limit with some of these features. Obviously as the brand grows, our aim is to head into the metaverse where we can show off our drip. Think of it as dripped out sims just hanging out. That’s what it’s all about. There’ll be plenty of airdrops and cool stuff to come.

In conclusion, we have a project that has incredible potential for growth and we’re about to enter at the most perfect time. We have a dedicated team who are focused on building. The projects that focus on building and focus on what they can do for their community and their holders, they are bound to flourish and again, the sky is the limit when it comes to things like floor price and their return on investment. So in simple terms, we can’t wait to see acebuddy PFPs being donned all over the social media!