NFTs and Passive Income

A good friend of mine recently asked me what to invest in as she was tired of leaving all her money in the bank due to the low yield caused by low interest rates.

It’s crazy because there are so many things you can invest in and to be fair, she does hold some crypto. However, most people like passive income. They like making money whilst going about their day-to-day routine. The normies might make fun of JPEGs, but little do they realise is the passive income generated in the crypto and NFT markets.

Take a look at SAC for example, they are the perfect example of great tokenomics leading to amazing generation of passive income for ape holders. No wonder, their floor price has gone so high and despite that, not many of their apes are listed on the secondary market.

People fail to realise that NFTs and this space in general, is changing on a daily basis and even if it seems like the entire Solana space is getting saturated, we’re still very early. Staking seems to be everywhere now but the space is changing on a daily basis and we hope to do the same with acebuddy. The plan is to introduce staking but integrate our tokenomics with “The Wardrobe” feature that will allow holders to drip out their buddy with their staking rewards. They’ll be able to mint virtual clothing and then sell this when they get bored on our secondary market. Due to the limited edition nature of the virtual merch, it is likely that there will be some value appreciation on the clothing. The combination of these factors means that acebuddy is bound to be a perfect example of a passive income generating NFT.

It all sounds very promising and we’re working hard to delivery what we’ve set out in the roadmap despite being over a week away from mint date, which is still TBA. We also hope to reveal our tokenomics in detail just before the mint.