Road Map

  • 20%

    Staking and Liquidity Pool - Holders who stake their acebuddy will get first access to Acebuddy merch drops and earn $ACE, which can be used to pay for merch and mint side collections. We'll also be adding 50% of the mint funds along with 20% of the monthly royalties into the LP

  • 50%

    We launch “The Wardrobe” where holders can access our limited edition merch drops and accessorise their acebuddy. All virtual merch NFTs can redeemed for the physical edition

  • 70%

    Side Collection - You'll be able to mint our first side collection using $ACE. This will be part of the Acebuddy ecosystem and also earn $ACE.

  • 90%

    Collabs - Partnering with brands, influencers, popular NFT projects and artists in order to grow the Acebuddy brand

  • 100%

    Metaverse - Integrating acebuddies and all our assets with various metaverse worlds