Virtual Clothing is the Next Goldmine

Looking at the trends in the world of fashion, it’s quite clear that virtual clothing is the next big thing. The truth of the matter is that as more and more luxury fashion brands enter the frame, we know that we’ll be buying digital clothing and outfits for our NFTs and Avatars just like how we do for ourselves IRL.

The best part of this for us as creators and NFT holders is how early we are for once. Most things that turn out to be “The Next Big Thing” often passes us by. For a lot of us, Bitcoin was one of these things. For virtual clothing however, this is the most perfect time. This is perfectly explained by how Chris Lerino’s Roblox avatar donning some pixelated Ralph Lauren backpack and other clothing items doubled in price in less than one day.

As more and more creators enter the space, we’re going to see a lot of value appreciation for digital clothing. The idea is very similar to NFTs, something most of the real world still doesn’t believe in.

Truth of the matter is millions of gamers buy clothing, accessories and skins. I can see this spread out to NFTs as we enter the metaverse. So will you believe me when I say that you’re still early. This is what acebuddy will be focusing on. And this is what acebuddy holders can expect from us. To offer you guys a way into something unique in the Solana space, an idea that hasn’t even been done yet. Even before mint, we’re building but post-mint, we’ll be accelerating that in the hope of completing our roadmap quickly and successfully. The opportunities are endless!